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BL-200(electric) instructions

 BL-200(electric) instructions

Product specifications:

²        Automatically set the right position, no need to set up the coordinate system by labor.

²        Reduce the human error, the software has the automated template-matching.

²        Provide a series of whole control chart, for exampe, XBar-S, XBar-R, XBar-Rm, Histogram, Capability etc, including the related parameters by real-time computing: CaCpCpkPpPpK

²        Automatically data save to the database and chase. (look for the measurement date and measurer)

²        Automatically find the side and assist graphics primitive as :the peak, the bottom, peak value, central point, intermediate point, intermediate line;

²        Configure industry CCD 5 mega-pixel high-definition camera; transmissibility is 1G/s.

²        Wide-field : double telecentric lenses.

²        Configure telecentric lenses and four district SPC system.

²        The newest Binocus one click measurement software.


Dear customers and visitors:

We always adhere to customer come first and the best service to customers. The detailed operating instructions for BL-200 now is only for the users who bought our products before. Any question please call to 4000-828-158.  or email to , Meanwhile,please provide your information and the number of the machine. We will reply in the first time by e-mail or express the operating instructions to you.

Thank you for your support and cooperation all the time!


Title: BL-200(electric) instructions